Press Kit

Shane Huston –

I have been developing games (largely as a hobby) for over 10 years, but this is the first one intended for commercial publishing. I have a background in art, music, design and programming that lends itself well to the one-man-shop approach. I love being able to get my fingers into every aspect of the game, injecting tone, form and function into every bit that I can. I’ve been deeply inspired by games like Journey, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Elite: Dangerous, No Man’s Sky, and many many more.

Sling Ship began with a code challenge I gave myself; I wanted to try to create a sling shot/golf mechanic similar to Desert Golfing. Before I added logic that prevented additional shots before being on the ground again, I realized there was something fun there. After refining the controls a bit, I decided to make it a sci-fi cave crawler that required skill and quick gestures. The result is a tranquil yet intense game of skill. The music, art and design are all original works of mine.

iOS, Android

October 1, 2015



“Sling Ship is a Cave Flier with Fun Flicking” -TouchArcade

“Fling Yourself at Gravity in Sling Ship” -Indie Game Magazine

Challenging and Unique
Use your skill to pilot a ship controlled by a series of opposing forces. Swipe left and the ship goes right. Swipe down and the ship goes up. Sling Ship features highly polished and responsive controls. Avoid walls, obstacles and traps while collecting ore to generate a shield.

Mysterious Worlds
Gravity appears to have gone rogue in this world… A world which seems to abide by its own rules. The farther you go, the more you’ll find. Early on, you’ll discover strange black rocks which possess odd powers of attraction and the ability to manipulate time. Who knows what might lurk beyond…

How Far Will You Go?
You’ll need to hone your ship handling tactics and experiment with different swipe gestures to really become one with your Sling Ship.

• Designed specifically for touch screens
• Challenging gameplay
• Polished and responsive controls
• 99 levels of procedurally generated content
• Original music tracks

Coming Soon
• More enemies and obstacles
• Additional game modes
• More original music

SCREENSHOTS (1920 x 1080)